Make your event a benchmark of participation and innovation.

Create a community around your event where you can ask and co-create with your audience while accessing the ‘state of the art’ of your the field.

Identify your event’s framework with the best insights.

Bring together the entire ecosystem of your event in your own community, open to participation and innovation. Our software and methodology allow you to ask about issues of interest to a huge audience, as well as experts in your event’s theme and in other fields. Enhance your event with valuable insights from its audience and obtain relevant conclusions about your sector.

an innovation community to foster participation around an event
the event DES 2018 launchs a collaborative experience based on innovation

An event for the digital agenda of the future.

DES 2018 took full advantage of one of our communities to involve its attendants and all of society in generating ideas for Spain’s digital agenda. The conclusions of this participative process were shared in a debate within the event, with representatives from political parties, giving rise to a report with insights.

Expand your event’s range of action.

A co-creative community allows you to extend the duration of your event beyond its date and venue. You can also broaden its impact with an innovative participative experience that takes things beyond a simple conversation. You will be able to debate with stakeholders and find solutions for the challenges your sector faces, before and after your event. This will reinforce your event’s brand and position it as a leading stakeholder with influence in your sector.
foster participation and innovation around your event

Connect with your audience and offer value for your sponsors

Make your event visible and open it up to attendants and all of society through participation in a transparent and democratic channel. Use our software and methodology to create your own community and a feeling of belonging to your event, its theme and sponsors, with greater visibility for brands. You will also create value for your attendants, who will be part of a participative experience where they will find knowledge and reinforce their personal brand.

The best content for a 360º experience

Our community innovation software has two accessories that help to offer a memorable experience for attendants to your event. Its trend observatory feeds content to the community regarding the state of the artin your event’s theme, increasing its value for people attending and directing participants toward higher quality ideas within a participative process. The content portal added to the community enables the broadcast of news and on/off activities surrounding the event, from one unique channel.

They are already delivering participative events open to innovation:

Drive your brand and that of your sponsors by creating a community around your event.