Set and multiply your
innovation program impact

Boost your innovation program with our collaborative innovation software. Reach your market more swiftly and with greater impact, developing new products and services, while you improve your competitiveness and internal processes.

Find ideas and innovate with your stakeholders

Our software Universe allows you to drive your corporate innovation program or specific related actions with your employees and  organization’s stakeholders. Using an innovation community will allow you to develop products and services more swiftly, giving you competitive advantages, providing you with differentiating factors in your market and profit in your company’s results.
corporate innovation program

Our software, methodology and consulting provide the basis to align your entire organization with the transformation you are looking for through corporate innovation, taking you down the path that goes from generating ideas to detecting and developing the best ones.

Access a portfolio with the best solutions for innovation

The methodology of our innovation software allows the community to collaborate in the co-creation and selection of the best ideas. This initial collective scouting adds to the work of your organization’s experts, providing them with the tools and information necessary to detect quick wins and perceive development opportunities for the best ideas, taking into account their cost or implementation time, as well as accessing the ROI of previously implemented ideas.
universe integrates an analytics suite for your corporate innovation program

Make your corporate innovation program faster, with one same horizon and different perspectives

The use of an own community, where organizations can co-create with their stakeholders, makes co-creating and innovation faster. Thanks to collaborative innovation, you will multiply the generation of new ideas, involve untapped talent in your innovation strategy and create an element of collaborative intelligence to find solutions for your organization’s challenges.
a software to launch corporate innovation programs

Having a community open to your internal and external talent allows your organization to boost a corporate innovation program that makes the most of its diversity, promotes collaboration and breaking down silos. But it also allows you to launch short ideation challenges where your employees, clients and other stakeholders can contribute a large number of ideas that can help you solve your organization’s specific goals, and find strategic ideas.

They already innovate collectively

an innovation management software for corporate innovation programs

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Let us tell you know how you can find and implement evolutive or disruptive ideas in your business.
Innovation gives you the edge over your competitors, in sectors with increasingly blurred boundaries. Drive your culture of ideas and break down knowledge silos, integrating your entire organization in a collaborative innovation process.