An innovation software to build collectively the universities of the 21stCentury

Our innovation management software boost a digital community where the main academic stakeholders and the whole society can co-create solutions for the future challenges of the universities.

A space for debate, ideas and collaborative intelligence

Our innovation management software offers a digital participation channel to universities. Students, faculty, alumni or administrative staff, among others, have a community at their disposal where they can co-create ideas for the institution’s strategic plans, research projects, or to collaborate with private initiatives and other collectives of the society.

innovation software for universities

Create a participative and innovative digital community for Universities

An open innovation community allows for collaboration between groups of interest for the University. It also enables the cross-fertilization of ideas between different areas of knowledge in the university community, regardless of hierarchy or geographic origin. Participation in real time also strengthens the University’s traditional role as a space for the transmission of knowledge and debate of ideas. Use our software and methodology to make participation and innovation in the University common practice among your different stakeholders.

universidad de alcalá trusts in our innovation software for universities

A shared horizon for the entire University

The UNED collects over 1,000 ideas from its university community to co-create its future.

A meeting point with business and society 

Having a community open to the different collectives that make up the university facilitates the connection between University and society, and new models of public-private collaboration. At the same time, it also connects young talent in universities with the world of business or entrepreneurship.

An open channel to share and build collective knowledge

The trend observatory funcionality enables the creation of a knowledge repository for community participants, promoting training, transmission of knowledge and quality ideas. The contents portal associated with the community allows the institution to broadcast all of its activities to the university community, reinforcing its participation and engagement.

innovation software featuring a trends observatory for universities

Our open innovation success stories in universities

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid implies its main stakeholders in the co-creation of the institution Strategic Plan.
UNED shares an internal community of ideation challenges to involve all the academic collectives in the future of the institution.
Ejemplo de software de participación e innovación colaborativa en la Universidad

Ideas and talent with transformative potential

Let us show you how you can take full advantage of the knowledge present in your institution, through collaborative intelligence processes.
Educational institutions are powerful breeding grounds for knowledge. Drive a participative and collective debate of ideas and discover contributions and talent with the ability and willingness to transform society.