Make collective innovation possible.

Set yourself apart from the competition through a creative and participative environment in the cloud that enables you to think ‘out of the box’ while taking full advantage of the value of ideas, your very own raw material in a knowledge-driven economy.

Transform your organization with internal and external ideas

Having an open innovation solution based on ideas crowdsourcing allows organizations to extend innovation to employees and other stakeholders with the objective of obtaining new ideas that are evolutionary and disruptive, which materialize in new products and services that have an impact on profits.

Open innovation models gain importance in the business ecosystem by allowing any sector to incorporate transversal elements in their analysis and decision-making phases. Big consulting firms like Gartner name ideas crowdsourcing as one of the five sources of innovation that are used the least but have the greatest impact.

Collective intelligence to foster innovation

Face today challenges taking advantage of your company’s dormant talent. Our open innovation solution involves the entire ecosystem of your organization in its transformation through collaborative innovation.

Measure ideas ROI

Measure the innovation in your entire community in terms of ROI, in real time. With the “Ideas Dashboard” you will be able to discover who the most innovative people in your company are, and find out the return on investment for implemented ideas, from the simplest to the most disruptive.

Specifically designed to provide information that helps to make decisions, the evaluation model of our open innovation solutionincludes, among other elements, the estimated ROI for your community, access to the life cycle of ideas, predicted time to market or your organization’s engagement index.



Integrate your entire organization in a collective vision on innovation.

Take a step forward in your organization’s process of transformation by creating a corporate culture of innovation common to all your employees and other stakeholders in your organization. Our open innovation solution establishes a collaborative, democratic and transversal channel that connects people and their ideas. Our experience with clients is endorsed by a high degree of participation, of up to 98% of the workforce in some cases.

They have already tried it

Innovation marks differences between competitors and increasingly blurred industries. Promote a culture of ideas and break silos of knowledge by integrating your entire organization into a process of collective innovation.

Transform your organization with collective innovation

We want to tell you how to find and implement disruptive ideas with effect on your business.