An ecosystem for innovation at the service of the Smart City

Our software creates a community that is open to citizen participation, involving the main actors of a city in its transformation and enabling an e-government model based on innovation and sustainability.

Santander City Brain, un software de participación ciudadana

Participation and innovation open to citizens.

Our software for citizen participation allows you to set up digital, transparent and democratic participation processes with the city’s different stakeholders. To do so, it creates a community where these different collectives share and co-create ideas around the different needs detected by the municipal corporation. A live, 24/7 process allows the municipal team to gather large-scale insights from the population, ask about issues of public interest, or even test the viability of its policies.

Sustainable innovation at the service of a Smart City.

Our line of eco services allows you to drive innovation projects in the area of sustainability, together with your city’s different collectives.

Building the city through innovation in community.

We make a new model for cities possible, where citizens and their needs are at the center of public administration. Our software and methodology drive participation and innovation as elements of social transformation, through citizens’ cohesion and sustainability, as can be seen from our experience and success story in the city of Santander and its community Santander City Brain.

Ejemplo de software de participación ciudadana

A new model for public-private collaboration

Our participation and collaborative innovation software for public administration includes the integration of private business as one more part in the city’s innovation ecosystem, together with the municipal corporation, citizens and other stakeholders. This collaborative model allows to bring together experiences and efforts in the best possible environment, uniting the different parties involved and increasing cohesion among them all. 


Santander, a Smart City open to
collaborative innovation.

Santander’s City Council and Grupo Banco Santander drive the community Santander City Brain, open to ideas from citizens and all other stakeholders in the city. Since its launch in 2013, the community is part of Santander’s Smart City strategy; a community that allows the city council to open strategic challenges to participation from citizens and various other collectives. In this time, it has given rise to innovative solutions like an App providing information on the condition of the city’s beaches, or another that geolocates the city’s cleaning services. It has also gathered ideas for strategic plans to promote tourism and local business, among others.

Since 2020, this citizen participation channel is Santander City Brain eco. With this new approach it seeks to collect ideas to build a more sustainable city.

Santander City Brain is a project that was made possible thanks to patronage from Grupo Banco Santander.